Week 11

In Class:
-Crash course in web video
-NO CLASS ON THURS for Tues/Thurs class…but you can come into the lab and edit video if you wish.

-Post 12 (Free Choice) Due 8 p.m. on Saturday
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 8 – Telling stories with video
-Plan ahead. You need a video post (40 points) sometime in the next few weeks. You can do it whenever you want, but it must be posted by April 21.

Here are the video post requirements:

-Cover an event, person, or story suited for video (i.e.,
-Use headline and text for background and context; use video for visuals
-Shorter is better (Maximum length 2 min)
-Posted to YouTube or Vimeo and embedded on your blog
-No webcam interviews (i.e., sitting and talking into computer). Get out and shoot something happening.
-It should be worth watching.
Keep up with reading. Quiz 4 (coming in next few weeks) will cover:
Look at Me! by Maureen Tkacik, Columbia Journalism Review
-JournalismNext Chapter 7 – Making audio journalism visible (p. 177-205)
-JournalismNext Chapter 8 – Telling stories with video
-And all of the photo, audio, and video info we covered in class in recent weeks

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