Live Blog an Event

Live blogging…cover an event as it happens.

It consists of:
-Real-time coverage
-Short posts
-Time stamp in reverse chronological order
-Text, photos, video, polls, and audience interaction

The pros:
-Inquirer’s Chris Melchiorre for live coverage of Council Rock South vs. Neshaminy football game

A student:
-See Rowan vs. Stockton baseball game

Requirements for the Assignment:
-Select an event that can be covered with live blogging. You must attend this event in person.
-Promote your cyber-event ahead of time on your blog…let me know when you are doing this.
-Write an intro to the event so people know how and where to find the coverage.
-Blog the event in real-time with time stamp in reverse chronological order.
-Write up your text article after the event post.
-Make sure you have a link to the live blog so audience can get back to it.

Tools and Technology:
-Mobile phone or computer and access to the Internet
-A way to post to your blog in real-time like CoveritLive – A free, web-based live blogging tool.  You can connect your Twitter account to CoverItLive.
-Make sure you have enough battery power!

-Read JournalismNext p. 132 – 134.
-Read How to Live Blog a Conference
-Read about the different styles of live blogging.
-Do a practice run first.

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