Photos and Audio Clip

Photos and audio…make a story more vivid by adding strong visuals and allowing the audience to hear the voice person being interviewed.

A pro: used photos and audio to flesh out a story about common health problems facing truck drivers

A student:
-Take a tour of the Renault Winery

Requirements for the Assignment:
-Pick a story that can be told with both photographs and audio.
-Do reporting, interviews, and collect audio
-Photograph the subject
-Edit audio and export as .mp3
-Edit and select your photos
-Must have 3+ photos and audio clip (maximum length 2 min)

Tools and Technology:
-Digital recorder, mic and headphones
-Audio editing software

Here are step-by-step instructions for getting you audio from your recorder to your blog.

Converting Audio Files
How to Convert Audio Files Using Switch

Audio Editing
Garage Band (Mac Only) – Garage Band Basics for Journalists Tutorial (8:50)

Audacity (PC and Mac) – Watch video overview Audacity Basics for Journalists (11:24)
Setting up preferences in Audacity (pdf) – these preferences must be set BEFORE you open your first audio file in Audacity
Superfast Guide to Audio Editing (pdf) – includes instructions for installing Audacity on your home computer. (Mindy McAdams)
Editing Audio with Audacity (Part 2) (pdf) – more detailed instructions (Mindy McAdams)
How to Use Audacity (Knight Digital Media Center)

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