A timeline… can be a great way to tell a story that stretches over a long period of time. It can also be used to chronicle the life of a person or institution.

The pros:
Joe Paterno’s career
Tracking the 2011 Middle East protests

A student:
Women’s Health Reform History

Requirements for Assignment:
-Create a timeline with event markers. You have to decide how many.
-The individual events should contain clear information: title, description, date, etc.
-Make sure that your timeline has a focus. Concrete and specific is better than broad and vague.

Tools and Technology:
Dipity is a simple tool to create online timelines. It is open to anyone, but is also being used by news organizations like Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. You can pull in videos, pictures, and updates from hundreds of sources instantly. Or you can create your own timeline manually.

See how the Chronicle, a small newspaper in Lewis County, Washington, used a dipity timeline to cover the history of floods in the area.

You can also create one with a series of photos and text posted into your blog.

How To Create a Timeline with Dipity.com

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