Blog Set Up and Post #1

Blog Set Up and Post 1 – 30 points
Due Saturday by 8 p.m.
You must email me your blog URL by the deadline.

Blog Pitch must be complete and submitted on time. (5 points)

Each student blog must have the following elements: (20 points – 2 points for each of the following elements)

  • Specific, focused and accessible beat
  • Compelling, informative title
  • Appropriate theme and complete design
  • About Page or text on your sidebar that explains your publication
  • Author’s full name – first and last – must be in a permanent location on the blog (ie About Page)
  • Blogroll with at least five other online publications or blogs related to beat or topic
  • Twitter widget. You can use an existing Twitter account or set up a new one specifically for this blog topic. Follow 20 accounts related to your topic.
  • Archives widget
  • Blog Stats widget
  • Time zone set correctly. (Select “New York” in WordPress)
  • Check spelling, grammar and AP style.

Post 1: Your first post should introduce yourself and your blog topic to your audience. Outline what you hope to accomplish in the coming weeks, what kinds of stories you plan to do, etc. Check spelling, grammar, and AP style. (5 points)

Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up your blog in WordPress.

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