10 Common Types of Blog Posts

Looking for a blog post? Here are 10 common types that might inspire you.

1. Do a blog stroll
Create a list of interesting links to other Web sites and blogs related to your topic.

2. Round up of news or opinion
Pick one newsworthy subject and write a paragraph about it. Link to key sources and other places to get more information.

3. Write up a short piece of news
Write a short news or informational post and add links to key web resources.

4. Upcoming events
Create information on an upcoming event(s) related to your subject. Link to the information.

5. Be a guide or offer advice
What do your readers want to know about? Where should they go? What should they do? You can tell them.

6. Take a photo
Take a photo (or a series of photos) related to your topic. Post them. Add a caption or a bit of text.

7. Record some audio
Create an audio segment related to your topic.

8. Shoot some video
Post a video clip that is relevant to your subject.

9. Do a quick Q & A
Call or email a relevant source. Transcribe the interview. Edit it for grammar and errors.

10. Make a list
Make a list of things related to your subject. Things to do. Things to think about. Things that are funny. Things that are new.

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