Post 4: 300-500 word article with two sources quoted

Post 4: Original 300-500 word article that quotes at least two sources. Due Saturday at 8 p.m.

Required elements:

  • Compelling, descriptive headline that uses keywords. (See How to Write Effective Web Headlines)
  • 300-500 word article formatted for the web. Write it and format it using Tips for Writing for the Web.
  • Two sources quoted. These are real people who have something relevant to say. You quote them word-for-word. Full names uses.
  • 5 Ws answered
  • Compelling lead
  • Organized story structure
  • Writing is compelling, free of spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Post is scanning-friendly. It features shorter sentences (or mix of long and short), paragraphs, lists, and headings.
  • Post is related to beat topic and provides useful information to the reader.
  • Key facts and information are attributed to sources, with hyperlinks if possible.
  • Proper permissions and credit for content created by others.
  • Posts are tagged with five user-friendly key words.

See what you can do in 380 words

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