Post 6 (Photo Gallery)

Create a photo essay covering an aspect of your beat. Go somewhere and photograph an event/topic/people. You must take your own photos.

You are encouraged to use your cell phone if it captures quality images because… “the best camera is the one you have with you.”

Post at least five images. Use your judgment on how many images are needed to tell your story or cover your event.

Get full names of people photographed – first and last – and put them in captions. Practice journalistic ethics. Your photographs should show real events, real people, and real places in real-time.

Take a variety of images that help tell your story. Get a mix of wide, medium, and close-ups. Take more than you need. Try to take 50+ images. The ones you post should be your strongest images.

Write a few sentences of text to introduce your essay. Make sure we know the basics: who, where, when, and why.

Post them in a series, gallery, or using the WordPress slide show display feature.

Write a compelling headline, not “Photos” or “Photo Assignment.”

Try to tell a story or convey information visually, rather than with text.

The photo essay will be assessed on:
-Subject of the photographs. It must be related to your topic or beat.
-Are photos informative? Does the viewer learn something?
-Do they offer a glimpse into an event, place, or person?
-Are they interesting, worth looking at or worth sharing?
-Strength of images: focus, clear, strong, framing, composition, etc.
-Intro text: who, when, where, and why.
-You must have full names – first and last – of subjects.
-Demonstrate that you put effort into the assignment.

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