Gamification of the Election

How does a news or media organization attract an audience in an era of Binders Full of Women?

PBS NewsHour’s Hari Sreenivasan says the gamification of the election makes sense for the first time this year: Many newsrooms are more willing to try new things, and audiences’ expectations about social interactivity have shifted. Elections-related interactivity used to mean voting in a web survey about who you liked better in a debate, or taking an issues quiz to see which candidate shared your views. Those kinds of features, while still around, now seem positively quaint.

Make Your Own Attack Ad (PBS)
MTV Fantasy Election (MTV)
Spin It!
Rubbable GIFs (BuzzFeed)
Make Your Own Paul Ryan Photoshoot (BuzzFeed)
Live streaming of video by topic — anyone can upload (WSJ Live)
YouTube Politics Channel (YouTube)
Interactive Video (Washington Post)
Visualization: How Swing States have voted (NYTimes)
VP Debate Songified (NYTimes)

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