Post 2 (Aggregation) and Post 3 (Preview)

Due Sunday, Feb. 17 at 8 p.m.

Post 2: Aggregation – Worth 15 points

News aggregation is a term used to describe human or computer generated collection and republishing of online information.

-Active way for reporters to do research on a subject. Learn what others are writing about and saying then share it.
-Provides a service to your audience. You do the work of finding and organizing the best information on your topic.
-Links out from your publication to others (which helps generate authority and traffic for your publication).

Post requirements:
-Write a post that pulls together and organizes online information that is useful for your reader.
-Your post should include at least 5 hyperlinks.
Upload a photo to add some artwork to the post. Take your own photo, follow fair use guidelines, or use Creative Commons image. Give photo credit in the caption.

For example:
-Uwishunu’s Weekend Picks
-Technically Philly’s Friday Tech Links
-Nieman Lab’s This Week in Review

Post 3 (Preview Post) – Worth 15 points

Over the next month, you will do:

-A 300-500 word news article related to your beat topic.
-A Q & A with someone who has something interesting to say about your beat topic.
-A photo post of an event/location/people/ related to your topic

This week’s assignment – your preview post – is an opportunity to plan ahead. Think of the topics, events, location, or kinds of people you may want to cover in the coming weeks. Brainstorm. Do some research. Send out some emails. Make some phone calls. And then write a post that previews your plans. Be as concrete and specific as you can. If something falls through, that’s OK. But set some goals. Make them public. Then do your best to deliver.

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