Week 4

In Class:
Blog Post 2 (Aggregation) and Post 3 (Preview)
Blog Post Grading
Writing for the Webheadlines, story formats, links, tags
Linking like a journalist
Intro to web analytics
Twitter 101 for journalists

-Read JournalismNext Chapter 3 – “Crowd-powered collaboration”
-Read JournalismNext Chap 10 – “Managing news as a conversation”
-Read JournalismNext Chap 11 – “Building a digital audience for news”
-Read JournalismNext Chapter 4 – “Microblogging and social media”
-Read Twitter offers advice to journalists (Mashable)
-Read 10 ways journalists can use Twitter before, during, and after a story (Poynter)
-Read What every young journalist should know about using Twitter (Poynter)
-Read What I Learned in Joplin (Brian Stelter)
Blog Post 2 (Aggregation) and Post 3 (Preview) Due Sunday, Feb. 17 at 8 p.m.

-Quiz #2 on the reading above will be Thursday, February 21

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