Ten more things to watch out for from Post 4

1. Master the blogging basics
Make sure you are covering the blogging basics

2. Is it newsworthy?
Is it new? Is it informative? Is it local? Is it something we don’t know? Is it surprising? Is it interesting? Why is it interesting? If you are not interested, your reader will not be interested.

3. Use active voice.
My first trip to New York City will always be remembered by me.


I will always remember my first trip to New York City.

The ground was covered in dead leaves.


Dead leaves covered the ground.

4.  In general, punctuation goes inside quotes.

5. Don’t mix past and present tense.
“Yesterday I went to the shoe store,” she says.

6. Omit needless words and phrases.
the question as to whether vs. whether
there is no doubt but that vs. no doubt
he is the man who vs. he
the reason why is that vs. because

7. Avoid “you”
Don’t assume to know what your readers are thinking or what their experiences have been.

Example: You know when you are jumping on your pogo stick and your foot slips off? I hate that. Here are five tips to avoid that unpleasant experience.

8. Quote the most important, knowledgable, or relevant people
Don’t go for the easiest person to quote. Go for the best person. And if you have a personal connection to the person, you should disclose it.

9. You must hook your reader in your lead
Here, courtesy of the North X East writing blog, are 10 Ways to Write a Great Lead for a Blog Post.

10. Formatting quotes


Jane felt like the luckiest girl alive when she smiled and with a glimmer in her eye told me, “This is the best day of my life. I think I finally found true love. I feel like a million bucks.”


“This is the best day of my life,” said Jane. “I think I finally found true love. I feel like a million bucks.”

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