In-Class Photo Assignment

Worth 5 points toward next quiz

1. Get a partner. Find a location. Outside or near a window with natural light are best.

2. Take 25-50 photos of each other. Your goal is to get three solid photos:

  • A portrait (from the shoulders up)
  • A detail shot of a significant personal item that the person is carrying with them (i.e., favorite coffee mug, cell phone, soccer ball, a photo from wallet, an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, iPod with favorite band, key chain, etc.)
  • A medium shot of the person in action or holding the item.

3. Review the photos with your partner. Pick your best three photos (1 portrait, 1 detail, 1 medium shot).

4. Make sure they are saved as Medium sized (no bigger than 200 kb each) .jpg.

5. Email them to me with the subject line OJ1 Photo Class. In the text of your email, tell me what kind of camera you used to take the photo.

Some tips and things to practice:


  • Avoid using the flash if possible.
  • Go outside or use a large window for natural light.
  • Watch out for shadows on the face.
  • Avoid strong backlight.
  • Avoid light directly in subject’s eyes.


  • Neutral and simple are best.
  • Position your subject away from the wall. A flash can cause shadows.
  • No poles or trees growing out of her head.


  • Fill the frame.
  • Think rule of thirds.
  • Get closer.
  • Try different angles.
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