Post 2 (Aggregation) and Post 3 (Free Choice)

Both posts due Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m.

Post 2: Aggregation – Worth 25 points
News aggregation is a term used to describe human or computer generated collection and republishing of online information. It is an active way for reporters to do research on a subject. Learn what others are writing about and saying then share it. The reporter provides a service for the audience by finding and organizing the best information on a topic. The hyperlinks help generate authority and traffic.

Write a post that pulls together and organizes online information that is useful for your reader. Your post should include at least 5 hyperlinks. Upload a photo to add some artwork to the post. Take your own photo, follow fair use guidelines, or use Creative Commons image. Give photo credit in the caption.

Grading Criteria:

  • Does the post organize useful information for readers?
  • Post contains at least 5 links that are properly formatted
  • Artwork and caption for post that follows fair use guidelines
  • See grading rubric for specifics

Roundup: Our Guide to Hiking And Biking In Around Philadelphia This Fall (
This Week in Review (Nieman Lab)
Daily Links Roundup (Technically Philly)

Post 3 (Free Choice) – Worth 25 points
Free posts allow students to create a blog post of their choosing. Pick the topic, the format, and the length of the post.

Grading Criteria:
Each free post should be newsworthy, informative and useful for your specific audience. For specifics, see grading rubric.

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