HTML/CSS Tutorial Assignment – Due Nov. 10

HTML/CSS Tutorial – Due Nov. 10 (Worth 60 85 points)

Students will complete four basic online courses in HTML/CSS using Students can go at his/her own pace and will be graded on the number of lessons completed.

Here is how it will work:

Sign up for an account with (It’s free. It’s a good organization. Not going to sell you stuff or spam you.)

Go to the first lesson in Web Fundamentals: Introduction to HTML and complete the first eight (8) lessons. Go at your own pace. You can stop and return to the lesson as you wish.

Points will be awarded for each of the following sections completed:

Introduction to HTML
1. HTML Basics (15 points)
2. Build Your Own Webpage (6 points)

HTML Structure: Using Lists
3. HTML Basics II (15 points)
4. Social Networking Profile (6 points)

HTML Structure: Tables, Divs, and Spans
5. HTML Basics III (15 points)
6. Clickable Photo Page (6 points)

Introduction to CSS
7. CSS: An Overview (15 points)
8. Design a Button for Your Website (7 points)

When you are done, email me a link to your Code Academy profile. I can see the courses you completed.

Some tips for using Code Academy:
-Take your time. Pace yourself.
-You need a reasonably fast connection to the internet.
-If you are at work or school or using some shared wireless access point, note that some networks use firewalls or proxies that can interfere with your connection. Rowan should fine.
-Update your browser to the latest version. Chrome or Firefox are best.
-If you encounter bugs, go to the Help Section. There may be a few workarounds. Part of learning code is figuring out how to make things work.

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