Ten Common Errors in First Round of Posts

1. Run spell and grammar check.

2. Capitalization
Review AP style – In general, avoid capitalization. Use a capital letter only if you can justify it – like proper nouns (specific person, place, or thing), compositions (books, movies, plays, poems, etc), first word in sentence, or formal titles.

3. Numbers and numerals
Review AP style – In general, spell out whole numbers below 10 (ie one to nine), use figures for 10 and above.

4. Ages and hyphens
Example: 20-year-old Jim vs. Jim is 20 years old

5. Commas

-In a series
Example: “red, white and blue”

-Parenthetic expressions
Example: “The best way to see the boardwalk, unless you are in a hurry, is in a surrey with a fringe on top.”

-Before a conjunction introducing an independent clause
Example: “I have lived in New Jersey my entire life, and I think it’s the best place to be.”

6. Word usage

it’s vs. its

their vs. they’re

your vs. you’re

effect vs. affect

7. Avoid !!!!, ALL CAPS, text speak and :) PLZ

8. Link. Link. Link. And make sure your links work and are formatted properly.

9. Don’t qualify, apologize or back into your lead. No open-mic apologies.

10. Say what you mean. Say it clearly. Say it simply.

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