25 Ways to Grow Your Audience

1. Have something to say. Say it well.

2. Break news. Even if it’s small, get it first.

3. Be a novice. Be an expert. Be a guide.

4. Carve out a niche. What can you do well that no one else is doing?

5. Write with an honest, personal voice.

6. Digest information and spit it back out in a way that is more useful for your audience.

7. Post often.

8. Create a regular feature. Keep them coming back for more of the same.

9. Write with variety. Keep them coming back for the surprise.

10. Link. Link. Link.

11. Expand your blog roll. Ask other blogs to add your URL.

12. Give credit to others. And link to them.

13. Email your friends, relatives, co-workers, and professors and tell them what you are doing.

14. Invest some time in your social networks.

15. Use tags.

16. Read your comments.

17. Contact the experts. Interview them. Do a Q and A. Profile them.

18. Email a link to anyone you write about.

19. Post intelligent, substantive comments on other blogs. And then give your URL.

20. Submit your blog to search engines like technorati.

21. Pay attention to your Blog Stats.

22. Edit yourself.

23. Keep at it.

24. Learn from others.

25. Write the blog that you would read.

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