Post 11: Infographic or Data Visualization

Post 11: Infographic or Data Visualization (Worth 50 points) is due Sunday, Dec. 8 at 10 p.m.

The goal of this post is to convey information about your blog topic using an infographic or data visualization. It can be one of the following story forms:

  • a map
  • a timeline
  • a chart, graph or illustration
  • Storify
  • or you can pitch your own idea – there are plenty of platforms and tools out there

Your challenge is to identify information or a story related to your beat topic and then create an infographic or data visualization that best conveys that information or story.

You must figure out how to use the tool, create a feature, and embed it into a blog post or link to it so your readers know how to get to it.

NOTE: Make sure you link to all sources of information and clearly credit text, photos, videos, etc. In this assignment, you will be using other copyrighted material under the concept of fair use. In other words, you must create something new, not merely reposting or replicating something that already exists.

The post will be graded on:

  • creativity
  • usefulness of information
  • effort
  • clarity of presentation
  • user experience

Here are a few examples from former students:






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