Revising your blog pitch

Now that you have pitched your idea to your classmates, go back and revise #1-5 in your pitch. Incorporate any helpful feedback. Work to make it more concrete and specific.

Then spend some time doing some brainstorming and research on who you plan to talk to and where you plan to go for the following assignments. Add them to your pitch.

6. Q and A with someone related to your topic. Who can you talk to? (2-3 ideas)

7. Photo essay. Where can you go? What will you photograph. (2-3 ideas)

8. Covering an event in April. What kinds of events do you plan on attending? Any specific ones you can find? (2-3 ideas)

9. Video. What kind of video would your audience like to see? Where can you go? Who can you talk to? (2-3 ideas)

When you are done email your pitch to me. I’ll respond over the weekend.

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