In class audio exercise – Step 2: Editing

1. If you are new to Audacity, take 5 to 10 minutes and teach yourself the basic techniques of sound editing.

2. Import your interview file.

File > Import > Audio

Optional: If your file will not import into Audacity, you may have to convert it.

Convert your files using Switch
Open Switch. (Go>Applications>Switch)
• Drag your files into the workspace.
• Set the output to .wav
• Check the box marked “Output to the same folder as source files.”
• Click “Convert” button.
• Look on your desktop. You now have duplicates of all of your files, but it will say .wav at the end. These are the files you want to use.

3. Listen to your audio interview. Listen for the best soundbites. Try to find the following:

    • Exposition – the person says who she is, where she’s from, and a bit about the place she grew up.
    • Anecdote – the person tells a brief story or memory about their hometown.
    • Moment of Reflection – the person explains the “why” of their anecdote. Why they liked or didn’t like growing up there. Why they do or don’t want to return.

4. Using techniques like selecting, splitting, deleting, duplicating and moving, edit your interview to approximately 45 to 60 seconds. Cut out any questions or sounds of interviewer’s voice.

5. When you are done, create a second track and import your room tone audio. Duplicate and edit until it is the same length as you interview.

6. Adjust the volume of the room tone so it fills in the gaps in your edit, but sounds natural. (Step 13 in tutorial)

7. When it sounds good, mix your two tracks into one. (Step 14 in tutorial)

8. Create an .mp3 of your file. (Step 16 in tutorial)

9. Post your audio file on Soundcloud
• Go to Create an account.
• Upload your audio to SoundCloud.
• When it it done loading, click on the “Share” or Embed button. Look for the icon. If you copy and paste the embed code into a post, it will create a player that looks like this:

When you are done, open your portrait photograph and your Soundcloud file and have me come check it out.

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