Basic video tips

1. It’s about ACTION.

2. Web video and TV are not the same.

3. Some basic shooting tips.

4. Good video is 51 percent audio.

5. Tips for video interviews

  • Avoid yes/no questions. “Describe for me.”
  • Try to evoke feeling and emotions
  • The subject should not look into the camera, unless they are talking to the viewers directly, or to another person remotely.
  • Use rule of thirds. Split the frame up into thirds (tic-tac-toe style). Main subjects/elements should be in the thirds.
  • Head and nose room.
  • Have sun or main light coming over your shoulder.
  • Get microphone close or use a lave mic.
  • Be silent while they talk.
  • Interviews are where you get the “why” of your story.

6. Tips for shooting b-roll

  • Variety of shots and angles.
  • Hold shots for 10-15 seconds. It’s easier to deal with a series of short video clips than to split up one long one.
  • The five shot rule is great guide for making sure you get the: “what” (close up on hands), “who” (close up on face), “where” (wide shot), “how” (over the shoulder shot), “what else” (other shot).
  • Steady shots. Use tripod if available.
  • Avoid pans or zooms.
  • Let action move across frame rather than moving with it.
  • Have an opening and closing shot.
  • Use clean editing and transitions.

7. Editing

Some basic editing tips

  • Log your video (soundbites and b-roll)
  • Story boarding
  • Start editing process with audio: interviews, natural sound, music (in that order)
  • Build sequences
  • Rough cut
  • Fine tune audio
  • Fine tune sequences
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