In Class Exercise: Two Ways to Make a Basic Google Map

1. Manually using Google Maps

Here is an example from the Online Journalism 2 class

 Go to Google and sign in. (You have to create an account if you don’t have one.)

Click on grid icon in upper right hand corner. Select Maps.

Under the Search tool look for a pull down option that says “My custom maps” Click it.

Click “Create.”

From here you can search for locations. Add markers. Draw lines. Draw shapes. And customize your own map.

2. Using Google Fusion Tables

Microsoft Word – Maps_and_Google_Fusion_Tables.docx

Here is an example from

Create a new, blank Fusion Table:

  1. Create > Fusion Table (if you don’t see Fusion Table: click “Connect more apps”)
  2. Create empty table (just wait)Gives you four sample columns. You can have many more, or many fewer. And weonly want two of these, anyway. So ignore Date and Number.
  3. Now let’s add info:Edit > Add rowType “This is where I work” in the Text box.
    Type an address, such as “201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, NJ 08028” in Location.
  4. Add about three new rows, each with a different address, all in one city.

Changing how stuff looks: “Map of Location” tab

Click the tab (Map of Location). Wait for geocoding.

Change the map icons:

Click the Map of Location tab (again), to get menu, then click “Change map styles.”

You will see what to do to get a different marker. More on this later.

Change the style of the info boxes:

Click the “Map of Location” tab, to get menu, then click “Change info window layout.” Click Custom tab.
Make changes like this (yes, with HTML and CSS) — do NOT change red parts:

<div class=’googft-info-window’ style=’font-family: sans- serif’>

{Location} </div>

Save info window layout when finished.



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