In Class Photo Assignment

1. Get a partner. Go somewhere. Find a good location for photographs. Pay attention to the light.

2. Interview each other. Take notes. Get quotes. Ask the following:

  • Full name – including how to spell it.
  • Age
  • Year in school, major
  • Hometown
  • Tell me about one item you have with you right now that has some personal significance (i.e., a tattoo, a photo from wallet, an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, iPod with favorite song, key chain, etc.). What is the item? Describe it for me. What does it mean to you? Why is it significant?

3. Take 25 photos of each other. Your goal is to get three solid photos:

    • A portrait (from the shoulders up)
    • A close-up of a personal item that the person is carrying that has significance.
    • A medium shot of the person in action or holding the item

(Here are some examples of how to use a series of photos)

4. Come back to the room. Review the photos with your partner. Pick your best three photos (1 portrait, 1 detail, 1 medium shot).

5. Upload them to your computer – either through cord, email, dropbox, etc. Save them somewhere you can access them next class.


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