In Class Photo Editing and Caption Exercise

Edit your photos:

1. Open your three photos in Preview
Control + Click>Open With>Preview

2. Show tool bar
View > Show Edit Toolbar

3. Crop
Use Rectangular Selection Tool
Edit > Crop

4. Rotate (if needed)
Tools>Rotate Left or Rotate Right

5. Set image size and resolution
Edit > Adjust Size
-Set width to approximately to 300 pixels (approx. Medium size in WordPress). Make sure “scale proportionally” box is checked.
-Set image resolution to 72 pixels per inch

Click “OK”

6. Save all three images to your desktop.

Write a caption

1. Open a Word Document

2. Look at how the Associated Press writes captions.

Nearly all AP captions follow a simple formula:

The first sentence of the caption describes what the photo shows, in the present tense, and states where and when the photo was made.

The second sentence of the caption gives background on the news event or describes why the photo is significant.

In parenthesis, put the name of the photographer.

Whenever possible, try to keep captions to no more than two concise sentences, while including the relevant information. Try to anticipate what information an editor or reader will need.

3. Following AP style for captions, write a two sentence caption for your photo series.

4. Write the most descriptive and compelling quote you have from your interview.


Joe Billbob, 23, a first-year biology major at Rowan University, shows off his new iPhone 6 Plus in Glassboro, N.J., Monday, October 8, 2014. Billbob, a resident of Washington Township, N.J., waited in line for 36 days outside of the Apple Store in Center City Philadelphia so he could be the first one to buy the new phone when it was released in mid-September. (Photo: Mark Berkey-Gerard)

“If I don’t have the new iPhone the day it comes out I feel like a loser,” said Billbob.

When you are done, open both your images and WordDoc on your computer. I will come by to look at them.

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