Post 4: Q and A with Photo

Worth 50 points

Find a relevant person with something to say about your topic and interview him/her. You can do the Q & A in person, by phone, email or online chat. Transcribe it. Edit Q & A for grammar/spelling. Decide how much of it to run. Write up a few sentences of introduction. Add hyperlinks to background information. Post it online in a Q & A format with a photo of the person. Aim high and have a few back up plans. One of your backup plans should involve a physical place you can go to talk to people if no one responds to your emails or phone calls in time.

Grading Criteria:

  • Descriptive headline that uses key words and includes the person’s name so it can be found in a search. Also five key word tags, including person’s name. (5 points)
  • A photo of your subject (preferably one you take yourself) and credit that identifies the source of the photo. (5 points)
  • Introductory text (Who is the person? Why is she/he someone we should hear from? What does she/he have to say? Teases rest of Q&A) (5 points)
  • Bold questions so it is easier to read. Q & A is edited and formatted for clarity and readability. (3 points)
  • Contains hyperlinks to background information. (2 points)
  • Original reporting and effort in finding a good subject. (Did you find a relevant person with something to say about your topic?) (15 points)
  • Content of Q&A. (Is it compelling? Does it offer useful information?) (15 points)

-1 for each typo, spelling, grammar or AP style error


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