Post 10: Live Blog, Photo Event or Infographic

Worth 60 points

Pick one of the following options:

  • Live blog an event
  • Cover an event with photos
  • Create an infographic (map, timeline, chart, graph, etc)

The post will be graded on:

  • Effort and/or original reporting (20 points)
  • Usefulness of information (20 points)
  • Clarity of presentation (10 points)
  • User experience (10 points)

1. Live Blog an Event

Find an event related to your beat that you can cover in person.

Write a preview post ahead of time to tell your readers what, when you’ll be doing it, and how to follow along (i.e., what hashtag are you doing to use?)

Select technology and an approach that fits the event. You can use a mobile phone. You can use a laptop. You can do it as single blog post that you update with your own time stamps. You can use any means you wish – ie Twitter, CoveritLive, WordPress mobile app.

One great option is to create a hashtag for event on Twitter. Use it for all of your Tweets. Then in your WordPress post, use:
>Add Media
>Insert Tweet
>Choose a hashtag, a Twitter name, etc.
>Insert Tweet

Make sure it is clear to your reader what you are doing and how they can follow along.

Cover the event as it happens. Make sure you create a permanent archive of your live coverage that can be accessed even after the event.

Examples from former students:
Bridgeton vs. Vineland football game (live blog using CoverItLive)
Hammonton vs. Haddon Heights baseball game (live tweeting)

2. Photo coverage of an event

Cover an event using photos. Promote your coverage ahead of time on your blog. Attend the event and shoot photos that cover the event as it unfolds. Get full names of people photographed. Practice journalistic ethics. Your photographs should show real events, real people, and real places in real-time. Take a variety of images that help tell your story. Get a mix of wide, medium, and close-ups.

Post your photos in a series, gallery, or using the WordPress slide show display feature. If you have a smart phone and are able to, try to post the photos from the event or as soon as possible after the event. Then go back later and add text. Write a few sentences of text to introduce your essay. Make sure we know the basics: who, where, when, and why.

Examples from former students:
A local concert (live tweeting with photos)
A Philadelphia craft and art show (photo event)
A night of Salsa dancing (photo event)

3. Infographic

The goal of this post is to convey information about your blog topic using an infographic. Common story forms include:

  • a map
  • a timeline
  • a chart or graph
  • illustration that combine text and graphics

You can also pitch your own idea. There are plenty of platforms and tools out there to explore.

The challenge is to identify information or a story related to your beat topic and then create an infographic that best conveys that information or story. You must figure out how to use the tool, create a feature, and embed it into a blog post or link to it so your readers know how to get to it.

NOTE: Make sure you link to all sources of information and clearly credit text, photos, videos, etc. In this assignment, you will be using other copyrighted material under the concept of fair use. In other words, you must create something new, not merely reposting or replicating something that already exists.

Here are some tools and resources:

Example from former students:
Guide to second hand book stores (map)
Timeline of Asbury Park (Timeline)
U.S. Military Statistics (Piktochart)
Telling statistics of 2013 Bridgeton Bulldogs (graphs and charts)
Hammonton Blue Devils vs. Absegami Braves game stats (box scores)

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