Bring Beat Pitch

Email your beat pitch to me by 10 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 1

First, review the advice for picking a beat for this semester. When you have a topic, write out your beat pitch in concrete and specific terms.

Your beat pitch must describe:

1. Topic, geographic location, or community you are going to cover. (ie – The technology community in Philadelphia)

2. Title for your blog. It should be compelling and descriptive. (ie Technically Philly)

3. One sentence tag line. It should sum it up the topic and/or the audience in one concise sentence. (ie Better cities through technology)

4. Your target audience. Describe the age, location, job, education, and interests of your audience. (ie Technically Philly… “serves local technologists, entrepreneurs and people who care about technology’s local impact.”)

5. Mission and Content. In a few sentences, describe what you are setting out to do and what kinds of content you plan to create. (ie Technically Philly…”grows local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services. We provide original editorial, expert programming and tools which improve recruitment, marketing, community cultivation and economic development.”

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