Week 5

In Class
-Briefly discuss TechnicallyPhilly (news blog of the week)
Common issues from Post 2 and 3
Writing leads
Intro to simple web analytics
Social media and journalism

-Post 5: Free Choice due Sunday, Feb. 22 at 10 p.m.

Buzzfeed (news blog of the week). Make sure you check out their recent video of Pres. Obama. Here’s some background on the site. Buzzfeed set out to be the “first true social news organization – that is, an outfit built on the understanding that readers increasingly get and share their news on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.” Find one post you think is a good example of “combining traditional reporting and experimental methods of social distribution.” Come to class next Tuesday ready to talk about it.
-JournalismNext Chapter 3 – “Crowd-powered collaboration”
-JournalismNext Chap 10 – “Managing news as a conversation”
-JournalismNext Chap 11 – “Building a digital audience for news”
-JournalismNext Chapter 4 – “Microblogging and social media”

Looking ahead:
Post 4: Q & A with Photo will be due Sunday, March 1 (50 points)

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