Week 8

In Class:
-Bring camera, recording device, connection cords and headphones to class
Audio Reporting
Audio Editing with Audacity
-In-class photo editing and caption exercise
-In-class audio recording and editing exercise
Step-by-Step Audio: From your device to your WordPress.com blog

Extra-credit quiz on Thursday, March 12 will cover:

  • Blogs we have discussed in class: Huffington Post, Uwishunu, Technically Philly,BuzzFeed, and Lens
  • JournalismNext – Forward and Intro
  • JournalismNext Chapter 1 – “We are all digital workers now”
  • JournalismNext Chapter 2 – “Blogging for better journalism”
  • Cyberjournalist.net’s Blogger Code of Ethics
  • JournalismNext Chapter 3 – “Crowd-powered collaboration”
  • JournalismNext Chapter 4 – “Microblogging and social media”
  • JournalismNext Chapter 6 – “Visual storytelling with photographs”
  • JournalismNext Chapter 7 – “Making audio journalism visible”
  • JournalismNext Chap 10 – “Managing news as a conversation”
  • JournalismNext Chap 11 – “Building a digital audience for news”

Post 6: Photo Gallery and Post 7: Free Post due before you leave for Spring Break

Looking ahead:
Codecademy “Build a Website” Tutorial  due April 5 at 10 p.m. (100 points)

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