A         930-1000
A-        900-929
B+       870-899
B          830-869
B-        800-829
C+       770-799
C         730-769
C-        700-729
D+      670-699
D        600-669
F         0-599

Online Journalism I is a required course for all Journalism majors and minors. Students must earn at least a C- for it to count toward major or minor requirements.

Student work will be assessed through a series of in-class activities and practical reporting assignments.

There are six grading periods during the semester. Students are responsible for completing all assignments between grading periods. Grading periods will be used to assess recent work and offer suggestions for the next round of assignments. Assignments at the end of the semester are weighted more heavily to give students a chance to experiment and to develop new skills.

All assignments must be completed by the deadline. Unless specified otherwise, the weekly deadline for assignments is Sunday at 10 p.m.

No late work will be accepted. If your work is not posted online by the deadline, you will receive a zero for the assignment. Late or missed assignments will not be graded and cannot be made up. If an illness or a personal emergency prevents you from completing an assignment on time, advance notice and written documentation are required.

See Assignments page for details on specific posts.

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