Post 12: Map, Timeline, Graphic, Storify or Live Blog (Pick One)

Due Sunday, April 21 at 8 p.m.
Worth 40 points

The goal of this post is to convey information about your blog topic using one of the following story forms:

  • a map
  • a timeline
  • a graphic
  • Storify
  • live blog

Embed this feature into a blog post or link to it so your readers know how to get to another platform.

The post will be graded on creativity, usefulness of information, effort, clarity of presentation, and user experience.

Here are a few examples from former students:

Saving in Glassboro (Map)
Women’s Health Reform History (Timeline)
Rowan vs. Stockton baseball game (Live blog)




    • Dipity timeline creator NOTE: Dipity has been very buggy the last few days. If it gives you problems uploading events, move on to try Timetoast or just create a timeline with text, links, photos, etc directly in your blog post.



Live Blog

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